Our school horses play an invaluable role in helping our students learn to ride.  From ponies to horses, we take pride in our safe and high quality school horses. Our emphasis on horsemanship skills is a key part of our lesson program.


Pelican Street

In addition to being tall, Pelican Street is dashingly handsome, playful and charming.
A thorough breed gelding, Pelican is perfect for hacking, show jumping and dressage.


Absolutely adorable and quite laid back Kipini is a thorough breed mare.
She is as adept at carrying a more serious rider learning the rigors of Polo as she is teaching a new rider their first trot or canter. But mind her near any grass as she is a “grassaholic”! If she had a bumper sticker it would doubtless read “I’d rather be grazing”.


Peaceful and calm as her name suggest, Amina is a thorough breed mare. Although a serious worker in Polo, Amina is the perfect ride for beginners as she is steady and very sturdy. Her gaits are so smooth, especially her remarkably even canter, she is the perfect partner for riding lessons.

Golden Eye

Golden eye is our gorgeous and sweet thorough breed chestnut. Goldy is always happily willing to make new friends. Her cute alert ears and big almond eyes miss nothing going on around her, most especially never an opportunity for a delectable tidbit or treat!. Her short gait and calm nature make her a suitable ride for tiny tots.


Dark and handsome, Trubby is an Ethiopian ponny. Trubby is absolutely awesome at teaching the smaller beginner rider the ways of the equestrian world.

Carlos the ever playful grey Ethiopian ponny.
Carlos enjoys a nice subtle ride and is suitable for tiny tots.