At Maiyan we have afforested most of the estate, with trees, plants and flowers grown in the mature organic farm on site, thus beginning to offset our carbon footprint. Our vision stretches far as we plan on involving the neighbouring communities in afforesting the general vicinity.

We have harvested solar power for powering the perimeter electric fence, street lights, water heating and borehole pumps, and we intend on harvesting rain water to store in our man-made lakes and use recycled and grey water for irrigation. Local material, whose procurement continues to be a source of much needed employment in the area, has been used to the greatest extent possible.

We shall also encourage plot home owners to source material, such as building stones, locally. In keeping with our mission of blessing, harmony and excellence, we are committed to carry on working in cohesion with members of the neighbouring communities, to create skilled and casual employment opportunities, and a growing community spirit.

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